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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Celebrity grandparents

Celebrity grandparents - In celebration for National Grandparents Day, lets take a look at some famous celebrity grandparents.Some of you may say and raise your eyebrows and say, “No, way. They’re not grandparents already … are they?” Well yeah, this celebrities are already grandparents. And here are some whom we love while are are just really popular.

Celebrity grandparents #1: James Brolin

The actor is married to a legendary singer and he has two grandkids from son Josh Brolin’s first marriage.

Celebrity grandparents #2: Jim Carrey

Carrey’s daughter Jane, from his first marriage, made him a proud grandfather in 2010.

Celebrity grandparents #3: Blythe Danner

Mom to Gwyneth Paltrow and her brother Jake, the actress answers to “Lalo”, from grandkids Apple and Moses.

Celebrity grandparents #4: Tony Danza

The actor has written a cookbook with son Marc, a chef. The book features them and the latest little Danza on the cover.

Celebrity grandparents #5: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Reality TV’s favorite parents have not only been blessed with 19 children, their eldest son and daughter-in-law have begun a family of their own. 17 Kids and Counting.

Celebrity grandparents #6: Brett Favre

His teammates probably weren’t allowed to call him grandpa on the field, but the NFL pro’s daughter Brittany helped him earn the title when she gave birth in 2010.

Celebrity grandparents #7: Whoopi Goldberg

In addition to earning Grammy, Academy, Emmy and Tony awards, appearing on “The View,” and doing stand-up comedy, Goldberg has written a children’s book series that features the names of her grandkids.

Celebrity grandparents #8: Goldie Hawn

Like many grandparents, Goldie is known by a special nickname given to her by daughter Kate Hudson.

Celebrity grandparents #9: Ron Howard

The film director who got his start as a child actor told Vanity Fair that one of his greatest achievements has been maintaining “a rich family life” while conducting a successful career.

Celebrity grandparents #10: Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones legend has had seven children with four partners, and one of his daughters has given him two grandkids.

Celebrity grandparents #11: Kris Jenner

Kardashian mom Jenner has become a doting grandmother despite having a love/hate relationship with her only grandson’s dad, Scott Disick. Now daughter Kim, recently married, is also making baby plans.

Celebrity grandparents #12: Sarah Palin

The controversial former governor of Alaska has two grandkids, a son from daughter Bristol and a girl from son Track and his wife Britta Hanson.

Celebrity grandparents #13: Nancy Pelosi

The former speaker of the House of Representatives, a Democratic congresswoman from California, is just “Mimi” to seven grandchildren who live in Arizona, Texas and New York.

Celebrity grandparents #14: Lionel Richie

Richie’s adopted daughter Nicole, married to musician Joel Madden, gave him his first grandchild, a little girl named Harlow, in 2008, and a brother, Sparrow, one year later. It didn’t take long before Grandpa gave Harlow a cute nickname.

Celebrity grandparents #15: Donald Trump

“The Donald” may be known as a business mogul, but he’s grandpop to a growing brood. Son Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa have two children and one on the way, and daughter Ivanka is also expecting.